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Useful Links

HALT, HASS Reliability Training Seminars (Electronicstalk)

The UK Society of Environmental Engineers

SEE Environmental Stress Screening & Reliability Group

SMART Group (Surface Mount and Related Technologies)

IMAPS (The International Microelectronics and Packaging Society)

ITRI/Tin Technology St Albans

Screening Services and Training - Maintenance, repair, and calibration services for QRS type screening systems

Electrostatic Solutions - UK based static electricity R&D and consultancy

WEAF (West of England Aerospace Forum)

University of Maryland - CALCE: Computer Aided Life Cycle Engineering

The US Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology

British Standards Institute

ISO - the International Organization for Standardization

The UK National Physical Laboratory

UKAS - the UK Accreditation Service

Find UK Defence Standards here

The US Equipment Reliability Institute

Test & Measurement World Online

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