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Eaton Aerospace (as FR-HiTEMP) has successfully used Reliability Plus to carry out Highly Accelerated Life Testing on aerospace products. We have been very pleased with the quality of service and depth of knowledge provided.

Mr T Wood, Technical Manager, Eaton Aerospace

With training and practical support from Reliability Plus, we have successfully and efficiently completed our first HALT exercise for a major telecommunications client.

Mr S Topping, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Filtronic Broadband

With guidance and support from Reliability Plus, Renishaw has successfully introduced HALT to validate the reliability of important new product designs.

Mr D Whittle, Laboratory Services Supervisor, Renishaw plc


A market-leading supplier of nautical electronics systems

- I have confidence that we will approach new designs in a different light, putting more emphasis on product failures.

- Confirmed my suspicions that our present test regime may not be properly targeted or applied in the correct way.

An International Telecommunications company

- Your (introduction to HALT and HASS) presentation last week was well received. We would like to proceed towards our first HALT exercise without delay.

A manufacturer of High Reliability Military and Commercial systems

- I found it beneficial to understand the theory behind HALT.

- Useful information on how to plan and implement HALT, then how to use the results to plan an effective HASS program.


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